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Trouble in Paradise

Debra Swann

The Wasp Room will be exhibiting new works by the artist Debra Swann, made during a three-week residency.
Debra Swann’s artwork is driven by her interest in science and time travel and the personas she adopts in everyday life, commenting on the domestic or private space by exploring the boundaries between reality and fantasy. The installations she creates are rich in imagined narrative but use everyday materials like sellotape and brown paper in their construction.
The artworks form props with implied functions, which on closer examination are revealed as illusions with flawed usefulness; the authority of Swann’s alter egos are also exposed as a hoax.

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February 26th - March 15th 2009
Private View: February 24th 2009, 6-8pm

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Download Artificial Intelligence, written by Joanne Lee to accompany the exhibition.

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Review by Tom Duggan. "The narratives Trouble In Paradise inspires are varied yet always drawn back to creatures having been violent with one another for seemingly little reason. These attackers are childlike and bemused with what they have done. It is this implied yet contradicting nature of the narrative that I find most interesting. Swann manages to get us to do a lot of work as viewers both in working out what has happened and in working out how her creations have been made. The lack of any bird-nest from the show retains ambiguities; this along with other narrative gaps allows us room to imagine events, rather than being didactically told a story."

Supported by The National Lottery through Arts Council England

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