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In a city not too far away...

Naomi Terry

Tether have invited Naomi Terry to undertake a six-week residency at The Wasp Room this December & January which will culminate in the exhibition ‘In a city not too far away…’

Terry creates banal objects with fictional components, whether this is function, purpose or narrative. An ambition to draw the audience into an immersive state is coupled with a realistic understanding of the limitations of materials and site to create a perfect illusion.

Working with notions of espionage and innocent fantasy -reminiscent of imaginative childhood play- Terry will be creating a room-filling installation, bespoke to the dimensions and character of the space; ambitious new territory for the young artist. With a narrative inspired by the identity of the gallery, the show will comprise the secret lair of ‘Wasp Man’, an accidental superhero misunderstood, much like wasps themselves, clumsy, seen as annoying or pointless, but vital to humankind’s survival.

With inter-changeable stingers, numerous wings for various situations, treacherous toxins and specialised trapping techniques, Wasp Man fights against the powers of evil in this world, from Butterfly Bill, to Annie Ant Chambers and the Mosquito Mob.

Terry is preoccupied with an interest in exploring the boundaries between the imaginary and the real, and with her deft and inventive command of rudimentary materials, her works rarely fail to achieve that delicate balance of refined simplicity. Her practice exudes an honest flair that, without pretension, combines a language of creativity with the substance of the banal, and delivers us deep within her idiosyncratic imagination.

Dates & More

4th - 21st February 2010
Private View: 2nd February, 6-8pm, featuring Manieres des Bohemiens
Closing Event: 21st February, 7pm - Matthew Robins performing Flyboy

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Supported by The National Lottery through Arts Council England

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