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Imagination Christmas


Imagination Christmas
December 10th 2009, from 7pm

At various times in our lives we have all wanted something we haven’t got and perhaps never received, but it is quite often childhood disappointments that remain most vivid throughout adulthood. From that expensive action figure that was “too heavy for Santa Claus to carry”, to the Boxing Day lunch ruined by your stupid fucking brother who won’t just shut up and admit he’s wrong even though he knows he is, there’s nothing quite like the holiday season to prove that no-one ever really grows up.

Imagination Christmas is a one-night exhibition exploring this notion of an ideal Christmas failed, with works by Amelia Beavis-Harrison, Andrew Brookfield, Chie Hosaka, Lauren O’Grady, Charlotte Osborn and Simon Franklin, Naomi Terry.

With a screening of ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ (1965).

Followed by live music from

Matthew Stephen Cooper

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December 10th 2009, from 7pm

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Amelia Beavis-Harrison
Andrew Brookfield
Chie Hosaka
Lauren O’Grady
Charlotte Osborn and Simon Franklin
Naomi Terry

Supported by The National Lottery through Arts Council England

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