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Point of Inaccessability

Charlesworth, Lewandowski & Mann

The Wasp Room presents Point of Inaccessibility by collective Charlesworth, Lewandowski & Mann.

The term "Point of Inaccessibility" is used to describe a location in extreme remoteness. In oceanography it is the point on a chart farthest from any definable land mass, on a map of land, it is the precise spot within a country or continent which is farthest away from the ocean.

They are points of solidity, a moment of clarity in a vast expanse of either something-full complexity or in the abyss nothingness. In Antarctica at the Soviet Pole of Inaccessibility (Polyus Nedostupnosti) at 82°06?S 54°58?E / 82.1°S 54.967°E, a bust of Lenin stares out across the vast featureless tundra towards Moscow. Some speculate that the American Continental Point of Inaccessibility is North of Rapid City, South Dakota. The point lies near a busy express way rattling past 'The Red Lobster', a sort of roadside service stop and diner for those on the way to nowhere.

These man made markers can only hold fast the imperceptible notion of remoteness, as pinned down on a map, measured by hand, declared and decreed. Yet continental plates shift, islands are born anew in the ocean, columns of ice topple from the edges of Antarctica. Lenin stares into the middle distance where the new point of inaccessibility has been born. It's on occasions such as this when it makes more sense to stop labeling things, to not worry so much about your relative proximity to other things. It's time to eat pancakes and let the i90 sail on by.

This isn't an exhibition but an exercise in consolidation. A review of the shifting parameters not only of landscape but of a practice. It's about something and it's about nothing. Charlesworth, Lewandowski & Mann will be producing a series of objects which form a re-imagining and remixing of their practice.

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4th - 28th November 2010
Private View: 2nd November 2010, 6-8pm.
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